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The Intuitive Glow

As the days count down to the launch of my new Patreon page, an inner excitement grows. This started a few months ago when the word “Patreon” glowed like a golden beacon anytime I saw the word on a site, post or page.

Through the years I have learned that if it glows, then it's time to pay attention!

In many instances, this glowing effect has led me to paint various subjects. For example, Ganesha, would show up (glowing) as an image or as a word several times a day, for years, before I finally began painting him. The glowing kept me enthralled throughout his completion.

Everyone has their own "knowing” or intuitive indicator that leads them onward, although I'm not sure how many people actually follow it. This makes me think that perhaps much of what an artist does is intuitive, which is a form of trust.

Even while painting, the process is a mixture of this inner knowing and hard-earned technique. Admittedly, the best passages or sections of my artwork came from some mysterious place that could be described as the creative force, or creative flow. Some might refer to it as a spiritual experience. I think of it as the sweet spot for making art.

What is your intuitive tell? What calls you to create something or to pay attention? Whatever it is, I hope you trust your personal glow and follow it to great success.

Hummingbird Watercolor by Laura Zollar ©2019

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